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A quick 3-minute update

Hi everyone! It’s Angelina back with another monthly update 😉

What a year 2020 was! After cramming for exams and not to mention writing tons of university applications, I am exhausted! However, that didn’t stop me from participating in the CBDX Challenge.

Introducing phytoremediation 🍃

During the last weeks of December, my team and I completed the CBDX Challenge where my team and I were tasked to represent a minority and recreate an existing city, block, street, etc. This really challenged us as we had to take into consideration matters such as equity and activism, ecology and environment, and health and wellness that converges—and unfolds—within our place of choice.

Huge shoutout to my amazing team (Amanda ShermanFatimah HussainLinda WeiSimone Lilavois)! Together, we create MossBoss, a phytoremediation air purification system.

Check out our submission!

Let’s start the year off right

When making decisions in your day-to-day life, act whenever there is an opportunity to do so. More often than not, that action should happen immediately.

💡 Find ways in your routines this week to act at times you may not have acted otherwise. 🧠

I’m not the type of person to make New Years Resolutions, but after seeing what my friends came up with, I couldn’t help but create my own SMART Goals. This idea was originally created by Sigil Wen 😎 (check him out he’s really cool). To sum things up, I’m challenging myself this year more than I ever had. I still haven’t finished writing down my goals and will continue to get feedback on them.

Next Steps 👟

✅ Updating my LinkedIn profile

✅ Learn to use Unity

✅ Write an article on VR or Neuroreality

Last year I was accepted into TKS, and it's the reason you're seeing my newsletter today. I'm grateful to be surrounded by a community of students working on technologies and solving global issues. If you know students aged 13-17 that are ambitious and curious, they will likely love the experience! Applications for next year are open. Check out the website: www.tks.world

If you use my code "ANLI1014," you can give ambitious students $200 off their tuition. Deadline to apply is April 5th.

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