✨Starting my journey with TKS (The Knowledge Society)✨

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Each month, I will send out a newsletter detailing the exciting opportunities I attended and the important insights I’ve gained.

This newsletter is written by Angelina Lim, a 17-year-old innovator at TKS (The Knowledge Society) from Vancouver, BC.

What is The Knowledge Society? 🤔

“This isn't your typical after-school program.

TKS is a 10-month accelerator program with sessions on the weekends. We're not a typical STEM program, we're a human accelerator. Our sessions are very interactive and we don't do lectures. This isn't like school.”

TKS is nothing like school. In fact, it’s better than school. Unlike school, TKS is an amazing accelerator program that teaches youth about emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and how to be unconventional thinkers. With the awesome and supportive global community, along with the action items you have to achieve every week, TKS pushes you to become the best version of yourself. After my first month at this program, I admit that my mindset changed from a fixed to a growth mindset and on top of that, my productivity has increased.

My Monthly Mindset 🧠

The mindset I chose to focus on this week is curiosity. Being curious is crucial as it will lead you to discover unexpected opportunities. If you’re curious, you feel motivated to understand something, which drives you to expand your knowledge. This month, I noticed that I have been very self-motivated. As a result, I’ve taken advantage of that and consumed tons of articles and videos based on the topics I am interested in which includes robotics and virtual reality/augmented reality.

My Own Website: 🎉

I recently made my own website which you can check out by clicking the button below:

Check out my website!

If you see room for improvement, please give me feedback! I am always looking for opportunities to improve my skills.

Next Steps: 🔑

  1. Write my first article on Medium

  2. Write my next newsletter

  3. Create a video on VR/AR

  4. Exploring more topics such as wireless electricity!

  5. Meeting more people from the TKS community and building relationships!

I hope you enjoyed reading my newsletter as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Until then… see you next month! 👋

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